Learning-based Perspectives on Motivation

Apr 25, 2022

Skinner’s Reinforcement Theory (Operant Conditioning)- Positive Reinforcement- Negative Reinforcement (Avoidance Learning)- Punishment- Extinctionb. Bandura’s Social Learning Theory (Social Cognitive Theory)- Vicarious Learning- Self-reinforcement

Step 1 – Select one motivation theory (pick only one) from the attached document titled "Theories of Motivation" (list compiled from Chapter 5 & Chapter 6). It could be your favorite motivation theory or a motivation theory you currently use.

Step 2 – Explain your selected motivation theory & give a reason why you selected (or like) this particular motivation theory (exclude reasons such as “it is my favorite motivation theory” & “it is the motivation theory I currently use.”). In other words, tell me why it is your favorite motivation theory or why you currently use it.

Step 3 – Select one of the following scenarios (pick only one) and use your selected motivation theory to put it to practice.Scenario 1You just became a manager of the Mortgage Loan Department at Green Bucks Financial Services. You were informed by your supervisor that this department has a serious tardiness problem, and she wants you to report to her in 30 days about your plans/progress in solving this problem. According to the records, more than 60% of the 100 people working in the department are consistently late about 30 minutes every day. Use your selected motivation theory from Step 1 to motivate your subordinates to come to work on time. Provide specific steps you would take to make people in your department come to work on time and provide specific steps you would take if they failed to come to work on time. Make sure the steps are linked to your selected motivation theory. Since you have no control over the department budget, exclude any solution that involves increasing subordinate pay.

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